From teaching individual speakers how to use microphones correctly and adapt to diverse speaking environments, to assisting meeting/event planners, organizations and venues with the audio aspects of their events, Brian Young provides client-specific instruction, consultation and audio supervision for a wide range of applications.


Presented by Brian Young, the Sonic Survival for Speakers™ lecture/Q&A combines practical audio tips with entertaining stories from the world of live events. Attendees will learn how to properly interact with the basic audio/acoustic elements of speeches and presentations, including:

  • Using microphones correctly
  • Choosing the right types of microphones for your needs
  • Adapting to a wide range of speaking environments
  • Proactively preventing many types of common sound problems
  • Responding correctly when sound problems occur
  • Improving intelligibility and fidelity
  • Properly planning and communicating your audio needs in advance.


The approximate running time of this program, which can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual groups and organizations, is 90 minutes. Practical workshops with interactive, hands-on microphone training/demonstration can also be arranged.

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