Houses of worship, weddings, social events…

Houses of worship, weddings, social events…

Many moving, inspiring, deeply personal words go unheard in these environments due to acoustic challenges, inferior or incorrectly adjusted equipment, and a profound lack of basic audio awareness among participants, officiants, facility personnel and nonprofessional event organizers. Issues such as feedback, poor intelligibility, wireless microphone failure, muffled or tinny sound quality, noise interference and insufficient or excessive volume levels are extremely common.

Some facilities and events require direct, on-site supervision by experienced audio professionals. In other cases, however, many of the most common sound problems can easily be prevented when participants are shown how to use microphones correctly, and when event organizers and personnel know the simple, practical realities of microphones and sound systems.

Offering a choice of instructional lectures, educational materials and/or client-specific consulting, Sonic Survival for Speakers teaches non-technicians who use microphones and sound systems how to prevent (or avoid causing) many of the most common types of sound problems. These simple tips and techniques do not involve complex audio technology.

We can also provide audio planning and supervision for a wide range of events and facilities.

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